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    2018 Mid-Atlantic Wildfire Training Academy Concludes at Garrett College

    McHENRY, Md. – The Mid-Atlantic Fire Compact recently completed its 11th annual Mid-Atlantic Wildfire Training Academy hosted by Garrett College.  During the past week, the academy offered 14 classes that are essential to wildland firefighting, including fire behavior, equipment use, and leadership development. These classes met National Wildfire Coordinating Group standards, and over 180 participants received a certificate upon completion. 

    In addition to classroom hours, students had the opportunity to be in the field for skills practice.  Field exercises are critical for developing and reinforcing the skills that firefighters will use at wildfire incidents. 

    While the classroom/lecture portions were held at the McHenry campus of Garrett College, the field component exercises took place at Savage River State Forest and the Garrett County Airport.  Participants occupied the residence halls throughout the week as well.

    Seven states make up the Mid-Atlantic Forest Fire Compact: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.  Compact members promote effective fire prevention and the control of wildfires in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Students who complete courses in the academy are also part of a large group of firefighters who respond to wildlife incidents across the country each year, as needed.

    Over the course of several months, Continuing Education & Workforce Development and other areas of the College have been working with the Mid-Atlantic Compact Planning Committee for the academy, according to Julie Yoder, GC’s dean of continuing education and workforce development.

    “We were so pleased to host the Mid-Atlantic Fire Academy this year.  Students were enrolled in courses ranging from one to five days in length, with some students taking multiple courses throughout the week,” Yoder stated. 

    “Wildland firefighters are dedicated professionals who are physically and mentally prepared for challenging fire assignments as they arise; the courses offered through the Academy assist in that preparation. “The members of the Academy, the instructors, and the students have been wonderful to work with; we look forward to hosting them again next year!” noted Yoder. 

    At the academy-wide dinner held at Double G RV Park, more than $3,000 was raised for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, which supports families with immediate financial needs after a firefighter fatality or injury.  Students, instructors, and staff bid on donated items at the silent and live auctions and purchased raffle tickets.

    According to the organization’s website (wffoundation.org/us/), the Wildland Firefighter Foundation can fly family members to the bedside of the injured, who are often states away from where they live.  The Foundation also offers long term grief recovery for those families.

    The 2018 Mid-Atlantic Wildfire Training Academy was presented by the Mid-Atlantic Forest Fire Compact, Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Forest Service.


    Practicing with the Terra Torch, S-219 course students “put fire on the ground”.  Field exercise at Savage River State Forest.  Photo by Chad Yoder.



    The L-280 “Followership to Leadership” course put students through their paces at the Garrett College Challenge Course.  Field group exercises included the “Whale Watch”, the “Australian Trolley”, and the “Coal Miners Maze”.  These exercises emphasize leadership skills critical for working with others in a high stress environment, such as a wildfire incident.  Students also practiced establishing a water supply and constructing a hose lay, simulating those skills used at wildfire incidents.  Photo by Chad Yoder.



    S-271 Helicopter Crew member course students secure sling load to helicopter.  Field exercise at the Garrett County Airport.  Photo by Chad Yoder.


    GC’s Jack DuBose to present at Mountain Maryland Writers’ Institute

    McHENRY, Md. – The 2018 Mountain Maryland Writers’ Institute is slated for July 26 – 29, 2018 with workshops focusing on poetry, fiction/nonfiction, nature journaling, historical research, topic selection, storytelling, and publication.  Workshop sessions will be held at various locations throughout the county, including nearby Grantsville and Friendsville.

    ‘Poetic Landscape’ will be presented by Jack DuBose on Friday, July 27, 2018 at Swallow Falls State Park.  This workshop is scheduled from 9:30 a.m. until 11 a.m. and is first on Friday’s schedule of events. This session will explore the creative processes of writing poetry in the natural surroundings offered by Swallow Falls State Park, allowing time for workshop participants to explore and create poetry inspired by the setting.

    Workshop topics and ideas included in the poetry session include the following:  sources of inspiration, poets as readers, what makes a good poem, reading poetry aloud, playing with order, word choice, knowing when a poem is finished, why write poetry?, and is publishing in the picture for you?. 

    DuBose is a poet and professor who teaches English at Garrett College.  His poems have been published in a handful of journals including Grease and Tears, Ginseng, and Keastrel. Following DuBose’s workshop, additional writing workshops are on the schedule for Friday, July 27th, including: ‘Dreamscape Poetry’ presented by Rose Gordy, followed by ‘Nature Writing’ and ‘Today’s Present from Nature’, presented by Cheryl Womack-Whye. 

    A Meet & Greet Reception is planned for all participants on July 26th at 7:30 p.m. in the Garrett College Art Gallery.  Transportation to and from all venues are provided by Garrett College. 

    Limited workshop registration spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Registration closes on July 20, 2018.  More information on the Mountain Maryland Writers’ Institute, including the Friday, Saturday and Sunday schedule and presenters’ biographies, can be found online at https://www.garrettcollege.edu/writers-workshop.php or by calling 301-387-3333.

    Garrett Institute for Lifelong Learning announces classes for June

    McHenry, MD – The Garrett Institute for Lifelong Learning (GILL) group, operating under Garrett College Continuing Education and Workforce Development, has released their spring schedule for the month of June.  GILL learning experiences are developed by the organization’s members based on group interests.  The topic sessions are coordinated by volunteers who select presenters for each topic identified.  

    A trip to ‘Old Bedford Village’ on Sat. June 9th is scheduled for GILL members, families, and friends.  This living history village brings the past into the present.  Over 30 buildings showcase life in the 1800s. This weekend commemorates the 155th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam and hundreds of troops and horses will reenact a Civil War battle.  We’ll visit their camps and witness a battle complete with cannons. As time allows we may visit the quaint little town of Bedford for a meal or to take a peek at the quilt shops and antique stores. 

    A ‘Lavender Farm Tour’ is slated for Wed. June 13th in Accident.  The farm currently has over 1,500 lavender plants with 15 different varieties of English lavender in shades of purple and white.  Anne Davidson will share with the group how to grow and care for the plants and how she dries and produces some of the lavender products such as candles, jams and jellies and body products.  We have timed this visit to coincide with the lavender bloom season.  Participants are also invited to pack a picnic lunch.  

    If you are not a GILL member and wish to join in order to register for a session, please contact Garrett College Continuing Education and Workforce Development at 301-387-3069.  More information on the Garrett Institute for Lifelong Learning is also available by contacting Jean Tumbarello at jean.tumbarello@garrettcollege.edu or www.garrettcollege.edu/GILL.

    Driver Education course to be offered at GC

    McHenry, MD – Garrett College, in collaboration with Widmyer Driving School, LLC, will be offering Maryland Driver Education, Monday through Friday, June 18 to 29, 9 a.m. until 12 noon at the main campus in McHenry.  Widmyer Driving School is licensed by the Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA) and has driving schools throughout the state of Maryland.  

    The driver education course fulfills the requirement for all new drivers in Maryland. This class consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction and six hours behind the wheel. Widmyer Driving School additionally offers a driver improvement course for individuals that have been referred by the MVA or by the court to attend the driver improvement program. This course can be taken online or at Garrett College (drivers younger than 18 must take this course at Garrett College). 

    To register for the above course persons may call 301-791-7676 or www.widmyer.com. For additional information contact Terry Beachy at 301-895-4700 or terry.beachy@garrettcollege.edu.

    Bugs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, to be offered at GC’s Southern Outreach Center

    McHenry, MD – Garrett College in coordination with the University of Maryland Extension is sponsoring a one-session course, Bugs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, at the College’s Southern Outreach Center in Oakland.  The class will be held on Thursday, June 14, 1-3 p.m. 

    In this course, participants will learn about insects and how they can be a help in one’s gardening adventure or how to manage the pesky pests. The course is being instructed by Ashley Bodkins who received her B.S. degree in Agronomy from WVU and an A.A. degree in Horticulture from Potomac State College.  She works for the University of Maryland Extension where she answers home horticulture questions and coordinates the Maryland Master Gardener Program for Garrett County. 

    The University of Maryland Extension programs are open to any person and will not discriminate against anyone because of race, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, ancestry, national origin, marital status, genetic information, political affiliation, and gender identity or expression. Anyone with a disability that requires special assistance for participation in the program should contact the extension office at 301-334-6960.

    Course registration fee applies.  To register for the course, contact Garrett College Continuing Education & Workforce Development at 301-387-3069.

    Hand Gun Certification class slated in Oakland

    McHenry, MD – The Maryland Handgun Qualification (HQL) class is being offered through Continuing Education and Workforce Development at Garrett College. The class runs from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 16, at the Southern Outreach Center in Oakland. 

    Handgun Qualification License (HQL) training is a five-hour block of instruction which includes classroom instruction on state firearm law, home firearm safety, handgun mechanisms and operation, and a component that requires the applicant demonstrate the ability to safely fire a handgun.

    Unless otherwise exempt, as of October 1, 2013, a Maryland resident must possess a valid Handgun Qualification License before being allowed to purchase, rent, or receive a handgun. The classroom portion of the course will occur at Northern Outreach Center and the operation and handling demonstration will occur at a secure firing range.

    These classes are being taught through Boston Hill Training by Rick Sivic who is certified by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI), and an NRA and Maryland State Police HQL Certified Instructor.  For additional information or to register for this course, contact Garrett College Continuing Education and Workforce Development at 301-387-3069.

    CDL Learner’s Permit Prep Course Slated for Grantsville

    McHenry, MD – Garrett College Continuing Education and Workforce Development has scheduled a Commercial Driver’s License Learner’s Permit Prep Course on June 23 and 24, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the College’s Mountaintop Truck Driving Institute in Grantsville.

    This two-day course will prepare students for the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), Class A or B Commercial Driver permit exam. The course includes instruction on the following topics: general knowledge, air brakes, combination vehicles, study and test taking skills.

    Entry requirements for the actual commercial driver training program includes the following: one must be at least 18 years of age, be able to obtain a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical, and pass a DOT required drug screen. DOT language enforcement rule: one must be able to read English, converse with the public, understand highway signs and signals, respond to official inquiries, and make entries on reports or records.

    This course is taught through a combination of lecture, discussion and hands on activities. It is recommended that students get a CDL Manual at the local MVA office and review prior to start of class. For additional information contact Terry Beachy at 301-895-4700 or terry.beachy@garrettcollege.edu. To register for this course, persons may contact Garrett College Continuing Education and Workforce Development at 301-387-3069.

    Weeds and Seeds to be offered at GC’s Northern Outreach Center

    McHenry, MD – Garrett College in coordination with the University of Maryland Extension is sponsoring a one-session course, Weeds and Seeds, at the College’s Northern Outreach Center in Grantsville.  The class will be held on Tuesday, June 26, 1-3 p.m. 

    Weeds are a big problem for all gardeners.  Eliminating them before they go to seed can help in your fight to keep your garden neat and tidy.  This course will identify 20 common weeds and help you learn the best way to manage them in your landscape.

    The course is being instructed by Ashley Bodkins who received her B.S. degree in Agronomy from WVU and an A.A. degree in Horticulture from Potomac State College. She works for the University of Maryland Extension where she answers home horticulture questions and coordinates the Maryland Master Gardener Program for Garrett County. 

    The University of Maryland Extension programs are open to any person and will not discriminate against anyone because of race, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, ancestry, national origin, marital status, genetic information, political affiliation, and gender identity or expression. Anyone with a disability that requires special assistance for participation in the program should contact the extension office at 301-334-6960.

    Course registration fee applies.  To register for the course, contact Garrett College Continuing Education & Workforce Development at 301-387-3069.

    Second class of Leadership Garrett County graduates

    McHENRY, Md. – Organizers of the Leadership Garrett County Program were pleased to announce a second class of participants successfully completed the program. 

    This year’s diverse class consisted of 19 members from the non-profit, for-profit and government sectors of the local economy.  Leadership Garrett County represents a cooperative partnership between Garrett College and the Garrett County Department of Economic Development.

    A culminating graduation for the class was recently held at Ace’s Restaurant with a presentation by motivational speaker, Master Rick Rando, whom in his introduction, stated he always enjoys making the trip to Western Maryland. “Pride, work ethic, and passion are three things you just don’t see elsewhere,” noted Rando. There are three ‘leadership principles’ that Rando shared amongst the group and encouraged the members of the graduating class to always keep in mind. 

    “Know who you are, don’t be afraid to take calculated risks, and run with the right herd,” he stated.  “We are here on a mission because we want to leave a legacy, but there can be no story without a struggle. “If you are doing all of the above, are you living each day with passion?” Don’t just be average.  Don’t just ‘go to work’.  Want to ‘go to work’, and have a great story - with a struggle.  Leadership starts with you,” said Rando. This year’s class had the opportunity to learn, experience, and bond together throughout the course of the entire program.  The goal is for participants to emerge as more informed, connected and effective managers, leaders and citizens – helping to ensure a bright future for Garrett County.

    As part of the program, class members meet once a month for seven months. The program consisted of lectures with program-based content covering a multitude of topics from certified trainers.  Additionally, each month the class would visit key Garrett County businesses and institutions in the arts, education, government, social services, etc.  


    Front row, left to right: Tina Hersh, DaVina Griffith, certified trainer; Cameron Crawford, Alex Stuck, Shelley Argabrite, Pat Hudnall, Rachel Friend-Lantz, Andrew Umbel, Dick Zimmerman, James Nichols, Jared Jones, Jenny Meslener, Julie Yoder, dean of continuing education and workforce development, Garrett College; Master Rick Rando.

    Back Row, left to right: Larry Tichnell, Garrett County Commissioner; Trish Yoder, certified trainer; Richard Midcap, president, Garrett College; Mary Keller, continuing education and workforce development, Garrett College; Brian King, Kelli Sisler, Brett Lambert, Beverly Rasel, Liz Williams, Connie Meyers, director of business solutions, Garrett College; Ashley Ruby, certified trainer. 

    Garrett College Student Chapter of AAUW completes first year

    By:  Dr. Terry Kasecamp, Advisor of the AAUW Garrett College Student Chapter

    McHENRY, Md. – The Garrett College Student Chapter of American Association of University Women (AAUW) recently completed and evaluated its first year as an organization recognized both by Garrett College and AAUW National (www.aauw.org).  The mission of AAUW is to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. 

    Empowering women as individuals and as a community since 1881, AAUW has more than 100 student chapters in colleges and universities around the world.  Student chapters of AAUW receive free resources and support to create campus programming around women’s issues, build on-campus feminist communities, and join a global network of more than 170,000 AAUW members and supporters. 

    The AAUW-Garrett College Student Chapter was formed in the summer of 2017 with the full support of Garrett College President, Dr. Richard Midcap, and in collaboration with the AAUW-Garrett Branch, which has existed in Garrett County since 1949. 

    Advisors for the new organization, Dr. Terry Lynn Kasecamp, professor of psychology, and Kim DeGiovanni, director of records and registration, worked with Judy Carbone, president of AAUW-Garrett Branch, and a small group of students, including:  Angela Lowry, Kalynn Eyler, Dana Brown, Lillian Tasker and Ashton Chapman, to form the new student organization.  Lowry and Eyler agreed to take on the roles of president and vice-president respectively for the new organization. 

    According to Carbone, assisting with the formation of the AAUW-Garrett College Student Chapter and supporting its development and initiatives is one of AAUW-Garrett Branch’s top three priorities.

    “We strongly believe that AAUW has a strong role to play in educating campus women on equity issues, fostering leadership skills and experiences for women students, and tapping into powerful resources available from the national AAUW organization for programs related to women’s issues,” states Carbone.

    Members of Garrett’s student chapter of AAUW either initiated or participated in a large number of activities this year, starting with sponsoring the “Deeper in Debt” seminar at Garrett College, on September 27, 2017. 

    Carbone shared the results of extensive research conducted by AAUW indicating that women hold nearly two-thirds ($900 billion) of the outstanding student debt in the U.S. - and, because of the gender pay gap - take significantly longer than men to repay their student debt.  

    The student chapter was especially active during the month of October which included participating in the Autumn Glory parade, tabling with the Dove Center to raise awareness about domestic violence and sponsoring a Get-Out-the-Vote initiative in collaboration with Engage Mountain Maryland. 

    This initiative featured the movie Iron-Jawed Angels, which depicts the final years of the American woman suffrage movement, from 1912 to winning the right to vote in 1920, and highlights the brutal treatment of Alice Paul and more than 200 other suffragists for organizing and actively participating in the first political protest of the White House.  At the movie showing, Engage Mountain Maryland helped students and members of the community register to vote.

    During the months of November and December, AAUW student initiatives included, in collaboration with Garrett’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, actively participating in Garrett County’s Festival of Trees and Christmas caroling for members of the community.  Each organization donated a decorated tree to auction off at the Festival of Trees, with proceeds benefitting the Dove Center. 

    During Women’s History Month, the student chapter in collaboration with Dr. Kasecamp’s Psychology of Women class, were actively engaged in hosting the three week Dinner Party Exhibit: Making Waves, Making History, featuring plates designed by students to celebrate and honor the women and men that have worked toward gender equality throughout history.  In April, the chapter assisted with the Consent Revolution initiative, a collaboration between Garrett College and the Dove Center to raise awareness about sexual assault. 

    In May, 31 people, including eight members of Garrett’s student chapter of AAUW, participated in a two night, three day Women’s History-Statue of Liberty-Niagara Falls trip organized by Dr. Kasecamp.  Highlights of the trip focused on the incredible contributions of women throughout history to visit the Harriett Tubman Museum in Auburn, N.Y., the Women’s National Historical Park and Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, N.Y., and feminist icon Judy Chicago’s original Dinner Party Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

    In addition to student fundraising and money earmarked by the college, Dr. Kasecamp stated there were many organizations and individuals that contributed to the experiences.

    “Raising the $11,500 to provide students and members of the community with this multidisciplinary learning experience included generous contributions from the Garrett College Foundation through the Naylor Travel Fund and Albert Coviello Professional Development Fund, as well as, the Garrett County Branch of AAUW and the Garrett County Commission for Women.”

    Kasecamp also reported this past week, four members of the student chapter attended AAUW’s National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL), including Lowry, Eyler and student chapter members Shermani “Jorhden” Kelsick and Mariah Long. 

    The conference took place at the University of Maryland-College Park and attracted students from across the country, as well as several from other countries around the world, and addressed important leadership issues of the day.  The students attending NCCWSL reported having transformative experiences that inspired them to improve their campuses and their communities.

    “This experience for our students was financially made possible through Garrett’s students receiving AAUW National scholarships and the generous contributions of GFWC Civic Club of Oakland and AAUW-Garrett Branch,” noted Kasecamp. 

    Plans are already underway for the second year of the AAUW-Garrett College student chapter.  With Lowery and Eyler having both recently graduated with their AA degrees this past month, and many of this year’s members also graduating and/or transferring to a four-year institution, new leadership has been selected.  Meagan Lipscomb is stepping up to be chapter president and Amy Lugo will take on the role of chapter secretary for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

    Kasecamp shared that priorities this summer will be to recruit incoming students to Garrett College for membership in AAUW-Garrett College Student Branch. 

    If you are an incoming or returning student at Garrett College, male or female, interested in women’s equity and would like to become a member of AAUW-Garrett College Student Chapter, please contact Terry Kasecamp (terry.kasecamp@garrettcollege.edu) or Kim DeGiovanni (kim.degiovanni@garrettcollege.edu) for more information.  Persons interested in joining the AAUW-Garrett Branch and can contact Judy Carbone at judy@corgi-cottage.com or 301-616-5036.

    AAUW Parade

    AAUW-Garrett College Student Chapter members lining up for the Autumn Glory Parade.  First Row:  Miyah Meyers, Angela Lowry, and Moriah Long.  Second Row:  Kenya Andrews, Gabirella Wildensen and Shermani “Jorhden” Kelsick.  Third Row:  Kalynn Eyler, Lillian Tasker, Meagan Lipscomb and Ashton Chapman. 

    AAUW Get-Out-the-Vote

    Garrett College President, Dr. Richard Midcap, demonstrates his full support of Garrett’s new student chapter of AAUW by attending the Get-Out-The Vote Initiative that was held in collaboration with Engage Mountain Maryland.  First Row:  Ashton Carr and Kalynn Eyler.  Second Row:  Mariah Long, Brittney DelSignore, Miyah Meyers.  Third Row:  Gavin McConnell, Dana Brown, Dr. Richard Midcap,  Dr. Terry Lynn Kasecamp, Moriah Moon, April McKinley, Gabirella Wildensen, Shermani “Jorhden” Kelsick, Kenya Andrews, Kelsie Moquinn, and Lillian Tasker. 

    AAUW Dove Center

    Garrett College – Dove Center Consent Revolution Initiative.  Pictured left to right:  Director of the Dove Center, Heather Hanline; AAUW – Garrett College Student Chapter members,  Miyah Meyers, Mariah Long, Kalynn Eyler, Shermani “Jorhden” Kelsick, Angela Lowry;  Artist/Author, Regina Holliday; and Dove Center Outreach Counselor, Jessica Cooper.

    I Can Swim! –Grantsville Elementary School

    McHenry, MD – Ms. Bittinger’s kindergarten class from Grantsville Elementary School attended the I Can Swim program classes at the Garrett College Community Aquatic and Recreation Complex.

    Proud program completers displayed their certificates. Pictured standing in the back row, left to right, are:  Grady Miller, Dominic Brown, Maddelynn Kamp, Ian Messina, Tessa Warnick, Samara Sisler, Emma Rollman, and Braelynn Wilson.  Front row, sitting are: Aubree Kenner, James Bowers, Owen Workman, Wyatt Wilt, Kaylee Durst, EmmaLeigh Yoder, and Teleri Stanton. 

    Through a partnership with Garrett College, the Garrett College Community Aquatic & Recreation Complex, the Garrett County Board of Education, the Board of County Commissioners, and the Garrett College Foundation, the I Can Swim! Program has successfully served more than 1,900 children since 2011.

    The program, which is free for all children, costs more than $125.00 per child for the week-long water safety sessions, and has grown to include opportunities for Garrett County sixth grade students, along with the fifth grade College & Me participants.

    For more information about the I Can Swim! program, persons may contact the Garrett College Foundation at 301-387-3086.

    GC offering summer English/reading and math refresher courses

    McHENRY, Md. - Registration is underway for the upcoming summer and fall sessions at Garrett College.  As part of its ongoing charge to give students the best chance to start at college-level coursework in math and English, GC is offering low-cost, non-credit refresher courses for students wishing to brush up in the areas of math, English, and reading.  

    New students may use a refresher course to brush-up on basic skills prior to taking the placement test or after an unsatisfactory testing attempt.  Along with the math and English/reading content, courses also include instruction on test taking skills and strategies to reduce test taking anxieties.

    Helping students avoid taking developmental coursework provides them with the opportunity to complete their program of study and graduate more quickly, in addition to cost-savings. “The summer refresher courses have greatly impacted the success of students in being college ready,” states Andrew Harvey, assistant director of financial aid for technical services at GC. 

    “For students who may have not had a high school math class for several months, a one-day refresher brings most of that information back to remembrance, and a student can skip one or both of the developmental-level classes, saving time and money,” Harvey noted.

    All new students at Garrett College will be given the option to take either a one-day face-to-face or an online refresher course prior to taking the placement test for the first time. Additionally, students will be urged to take either the face-to-face or the online refresher if they wish to retest.  Retesting is most effective after some sort of academic intervention is made.

     Garrett College will offer 10 (five math and five English/reading) sessions throughout the summer with a maximum of 15 students per session.  Sessions will begin at 8:30 a.m. and run through roughly 4 p.m., including five hours of instruction, a 30-minute lunch break (lunch is provided), and placement retesting.

    New for 2018, Garrett College is happy to offer overnight accommodations in the residence halls for refresher enrolees (and one adult guest) for an additional $20 per person. Refresher dates for both subjects were selected to align back-to-back in order to more easily accommodate those who might wish to take both the English and the math refresher. Meals and discounted passes for the Community Aquatic and Recreation Complex (CARC) are included when registering for both consecutive math and English refresher sessions.

    The English/reading refresher sessions will be held on the following dates at the McHenry campus:  June 29, July 12 & 27, and August 14 & 29.  The cost to attend is $50 per student (due at the time of registration).

    Math refresher sessions will be held on the following dates at the McHenry campus:  June 28, July 11 & 26, and August 13 & 28. There is no cost to attend a math refresher.  Math refreshers are funded by the First in the World Maryland Mathematics Reform Initiative grant program. The math refresher helps to ensure that new students are placed into the appropriate math class based on current skill level.

    “Students are never penalized for taking the math refresher,” stated Mike Nedrow, academic success advisor and adjunct faculty of developmental mathematics.  “It’s just a great opportunity to see if they should advance one or more sections in our math sequence.”

    The same can be said of the English refresher.  Both refresher programs have shown perpetual success in prior years. “If you are at all hesitant – just give it a try.  We are here to help you and make your first steps at Garrett College positive,” notes Nedrow.

    For more information on the summer refresher courses, or to register online visit https://www.garrettcollege.edu/new-student-advising-and-placement.php.  Click the drop-down bar titled refresher courses for detailed information, dates, and a link to register and pay online through a secure site.  Questions can be directed to Continuing Education & Workforce Development at Garrett College at 301-387-3069.

    Students complete Certified Medical Administrative Assistant course at GC

    McHENRY, Md. - Garrett College just completed another Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) course.  This course includes four separate courses totaling 147 hours in the classroom.  Following the classroom portion, students are required to complete an externship of 40 hours, working alongside medical assistants in a clinical setting.

    After completion of the externship, the student is eligible to earn national certification through the National Healthcareer Association by sitting for the Certified Medical Administrate Assistant (CMAA) exam.

    Certified Medical Administrate Assistants play a critical role in keeping the healthcare office running efficiently and effectively.  This is a highly-rewarding profession and medical assistants are often the first to greet and help patient, and can help set the stage for a patient’s experience.

    Orientation dates are being set up for the fall program and registrations are currently being accepted with limited seats available.

    The next class will begin on September 10th and will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6 p.m. until 9:15 p.m. at the Garrett College Career Technology Training Center located in Accident.

    For additional information about the course or to register, persons may contact Doug Beitzel, program coordinator, at 301-387-3772 or doug.beitzel@garrettcollege.edu

    Photo:  Seated, left to right:  Sarah Uphold, Santana Harman, Mary-Catherine Pennington, Rebecca Glotfelty, Margaret Swick, Joni Davis & Ryann Gank.  Standing:  Brittnay Welling, instructor; Alexis Wilson, Michelle VanSickle, Felisha Tasker, Allyssa Altman, Sierra Boatman, Taylor Beckman, Tiffani Noble, Maria Bittinger, McKenna Bolyard, Shawn Mayle, Brittney Ashby,  Erica White, Terry Friend, Abby Wilson and  Brigette Friend, instructor.

    Father, daughter share college experience together; graduate summa cum laude

    McHENRY, Md. – “Dad, if you don’t watch it, I’m going to graduate before you.”  These were the words of Tim Tice’s daughter, Mikaila, not too long ago.  Twelve years ago, while simultaneously working full-time and raising two young kids at the time, Tice made the decision to enroll at Garrett College.  Planning for one or two classes a semester, he was on track to finish a two-year degree in approximately six years.

    A few years into starting classes, Tice began a new job, the kids were getting older, and life became busier.  He found himself procrastinating on completing the credits.  His daughter was going to be right. He clearly remembers his response: “That won’t happen”.   

    Remarkably, it was Mikaila’s upcoming graduation looming on the horizon that pushed him to finish.  The end result: a once-in-a-lifetime moment for both father and daughter – a shared college commencement.  Yes, college.

    “In some ways, it almost felt like I shouldn’t have been there at the same time as her.  I didn’t want it to be about me,” Tice stated.  “It was very special to share the moment, and I’m very proud of her and what she accomplished.  While we are in different places in our lives, with different short-term goals, it was a neat experience to graduate together.” Appreciating how rare of an opportunity it may be to graduate college with one of your parents, Mikaila was honored to share such a special day with her dad.

    “It was actually pretty exciting!” she exclaimed.  “Dad may have been worried about taking attention away from me, but in actuality, it felt like I got more attention since I was now not just a girl graduating, but the girl who was graduating with her dad!” They also shared in another moment at commencement.  Out of this year’s graduating class of 102 members, five graduated summa cum laude (with highest honors).  Tim and Mikaila were both recognized with this achievement. Mikaila was also honored for the highest grade-point average among graduates completing 60 or more credit hours at Garrett College at commencement. 

    With recently earning her associate of arts in teaching degree in elementary education/special education, she plans to attend Frostburg State University this fall to pursue her bachelor’s degree, followed by a master’s degree, in elementary education.  “I’m following in my mother’s footsteps,” Tice said.  She shared that her mother also attended GC and FSU on the way to obtaining a master’s degree in elementary education. “Garrett was a no-brainer for me; I knew I wanted to be a teacher from the start and I would receive the Garrett County Scholarship,” noted Tice.  “If you are graduating from high school and live in Garrett County, take advantage of the two tuition-free years at Garrett!

    “Whether you know what career path you want to follow or not, Garrett is a great place to explore your strengths and passions,” she said. Mikaila was able to do just that through the support and guidance of Tim Foster, GC’s professor of mathematics, as part of her elementary math class.  She took part in instructing the mathematics portion of the “College and Me” program held at the college’s McHenry campus during her last two semesters. Foster was very impressed with Mikaila in his teacher education classes, in which she had the highest grade-point average.

    “When I had the opportunity to see Mikaila teach the fifth graders in the “College and Me” program it was sheer delight,” Foster said.  “Her concern for student learning is a driving force that will make her an outstanding teacher.  I hope she continues to teach in Garrett County.” “The program gave me more experience teaching children and allowed me to gain a better grasp of what effective leadership and communication looks like,” Mikaila noted.  “So many of the classes and professors gave me more of a passion for learning and a greater confidence in my ability to teach, lead, and succeed.” In addition to Foster, she also credits Dr. John Taylor, GC’s assistant professor of education, for their guidance, support, and pushing her towards the future.

    “Particularly, I want to thank them (Taylor and Foster) for always being such great resources, mentors, and supporters as I tackled each challenge at Garrett and looked ahead towards the future,” Mikaila said.  “They believed in me even when I did not always believe in myself, and I cannot thank them enough for that.” Dr. Taylor spoke highly of Mikaila and how she exemplifies all of the genuine attributes and characteristics one would expect out of a future educator.

    "A true teacher is someone who is competent, caring, committed, and personable.  All of these words describe Mikaila Tice,” noted Taylor.  “The greatest recommendation I can give Mikaila is that I would have liked for my sons to have had her as a teacher.  Her future students will be very lucky to have such a wonderful educator." Foster had the opportunity to instruct both Tim and Mikaila in math classes at GC. “The family is hard-working and dedicated to their education,” he said.  “I wish we had more students like them.”

    For Tim, Garrett’s in-county tuition, online options, and a close proximity to home (Grantsville) enabled him to earn his associate of applied science degree in business and information technology/business management & entrepreneurship. “My wife sacrificed the most in the early days so I could attend class and/or commit time to online classes,” he stated. “Being a student at GC has broadened my life and learning experiences.  Everyone with whom I interacted at Garrett was very helpful and pleasant. “Cissy VanSickle was very helpful in the Financial Aid office, sometimes getting grants for me that I didn’t know were available and I hadn’t requested.” There are scholarships and grants available for those returning to school beyond the traditional 18 to 25 year old range.

    “Many start a college career and something happens such as “life” and school has to take a back seat.  It’s never too late to get back on track,” stated VanSickle, GC’s director of financial aid.  “Contact your college or colleges, ask for a degree audit and determine what it would take for you to finish a degree even if it is not the same degree you started earlier in life. “A lot of times as they say in competitive trail riding, “to finish is to win”, VanSickle noted. 

    As Tim was seeking a degree in a field related to his work, Dr. Qing Yuan, GC’s dean of academic affairs, was instrumental and facilitated a way for Tim to earn credits towards his degree, through GC’s life experience assessment program.  “I was able to present my work experience as qualification for the final three credits I needed to graduate,” he stated. Realizing others may be walking in the same shoes as he was nearly 12 years ago, Tice encourages individuals to consider the opportunities that exist around them.

    “Dream, but also be practical.  That may include getting a degree, or it may mean focusing on learning a skilled trade in addition to or instead of a degree,” he said.  “When it comes to your job or career, it’s great to do what you love doing, but it’s better to do something that, not only pays your bills, but also enables you to have financial independence and liberty.” Spoken from the words of a future teacher, Mikaila says one will never regret the learning that is experienced, the friendships that are built, or the memories that are made. 

    “Sometimes it can be easy to focus on the areas in which we fail, but I have found that when we are willing to look beyond our shortcomings, work hard, and step out of our comfort zones, we tend to surprise ourselves and achieve more than we thought we could.”


    Through a partnership with Garrett College, the Garrett College Community Aquatic & Recreation Complex, the Garrett County Board of Education, the Board of County Commissioners, and the Garrett College Foundation, the I Can Swim! Program has successfully served more than 1,900 children since 2011.


    The program, which is free for all children, costs more than $125.00 per child for the week-long water safety sessions, and has grown to include opportunities for Garrett County sixth grade students, along with the fifth grade College & Me participants.For more information about the I Can Swim! program, persons may contact the Garrett College Foundation at 301-387-3086.

    Late Kalie Hostutler Ashby honored with Distinguished Alumni Award

    McHENRY, Md. – The late Kalie Hostutler Ashby was posthumously awarded the Garrett College Distinguished Alumni Award at the College’s 46th annual Commencement this past Saturday.  Honoring former students who have excelled in their academic and professional pursuits, the Garrett College Distinguished Alumni Award is one of the most prestigious awards bestowed upon former students and alumni.

    “Kalie exemplified how Garrett College can play a pivotal role in a student’s higher education experience,” Dr. Richard Midcap, Garrett College’s president, told those attending commencement.  “By including Garrett’s high school dual enrollment program in her educational planning, and with her motivation and determination, Ashby earned 30 college credits while still in high school, and was able to graduate from Garrett College just one short year after graduating from Southern Garrett High School. “Remarkably,” added Midcap, “Kalie transitioned from a high school diploma to a master’s in business administration all in just four years’ time.”

    Ashby became a member of the Garrett College staff in 2009, working part-time while pursuing her master’s degree, and eventually rose to the position of assistant director of institutional research and planning. 

    After receiving her MBA, Ashby completed another of her goals by adding adjunct instructor to her list of accomplishments.  She made a lasting impact on her students and colleagues, according to GC staff, and had a promising future as a higher education administrator.

    “Kalie believed in the possibilities that a higher education could bring today’s young people,” Midcap said.  “She remained a vocal advocate for the College’s high school dual enrollment program and encouraged local students to make the most of the opportunities available to them.”

    To honor Ashby and the value she placed on the high school dual enrollment program, the employees of Garrett College established the Kalie Hostutler Ashby Academic Achievement Fund.  With the help of her family and friends, the fund recently reached endowment level, which means her legacy will continue to shine for years to come. At the graduation rehearsal, Ms. Kim DeGiovanni, GC’s registrar, felt it was imperative for members of the 2018 graduating class to know of Kalie’s character, and more of who she was – to appreciate her legacy to the fullest.

    “One of the extraordinary things about Kalie is that she was truly genuine.  She loved growing up in Garrett County,” shared DeGiovanni, who nominated Ashby for the alumni award.  “She was full of energy; interested and excited by just about everything.” Ashby decorated cakes and loved to shop for bargains, according to DeGiovanni, and also enjoyed car shows and demolition derbies.  She taught children’s church and volunteered at vacation bible school every summer. 

    “I think what Kalie loved most of all, was being a mom to Sawyer,” said DeGiovanni, referring to Ashby’s son, who was an infant when Ashby died as a result of a car accident. “Kalie worked hard at everything she did, but no matter how busy she was, she would always jump at a chance to help others.  She never judged others or discounted anyone’s beliefs or thoughts,” said DeGiovanni.  “Kalie always chose to see the best in everything.  She would help you focus on your potential and encourage you to succeed.”

    Marcia Knepp, GC staff member and fund committee member, said Kalie will be remembered as someone with drive and determination, a big infectious smile, and a positive outlook. “Kalie brought joy to so many lives and was always the first person to offer assistance, no matter what was needed,” Knepp stated.  “Her positive attitude and smile is a constant reminder to all to keep moving forward, striving to achieve more, in all walks of life.”

    At GC’s commencement, it was announced that later this month, the Kalie Hostulter Ashby Academic Achievement Fund will award its first scholarships to two dual enrollment students who will be coming to Garrett College this fall. Additionally, in recognition of Ashby’s distinguished alumnus accomplishments, this year’s “Distinguished Alumni Award Scholarship” will be awarded to a Southern Garrett High School graduate in her name. Brittney Hostutler, Kalie’s sister, accepted the award at commencement.

    “Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Garrett College and the Alumni Association. Kalie was so hardworking, and accomplished so much in her short time here,” Hostutler stated. “I can only imagine what else she would be doing today.  I was beyond blessed to have her as my sister, friend, and role model.”

    Ashby is the second recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award. 

    Pictured is Brittney Hostutler, Kalie’s sister, accepting the award from Dr. Richard Midcap, GC’s president. 

    The late Kalie Hostutler Ashby was posthumously awarded the Garrett College Distinguished Alumni Award at Garrett College’s 46th Commencement this past Saturday.

    Writing workshops hosted by Garrett College’s Mountain Maryland Writers’ Institute to return this summer

    McHenry, MD – The Mountain Maryland Writers’ Institute will kick-off its second year in Garrett County, Md., this summer, July 26-29, 2018.  Workshops will be led by a variety of authors, historians, and storytellers. The upcoming sessions will take place at various county venues, including: Swallow Falls State Park, the Friendsville Heritage Museum, the Grantsville Community Museum, the Spruce Artisan Village, the Cornucopia Café, and the Garrett College Art Gallery.

      A Meet & Greet Reception will take place for workshop participants on July 26, 2018 in the evening at the Garrett College Art Gallery.  Participants will have the opportunity to meet and network with presenters and fellow class members, in addition to learning in-depth information about the individual workshops.  

    The first day of workshop series is scheduled for Friday, July 27, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Swallow Falls State Park.  Authors Jack DuBose and Rose Gordy are on the itinerary for the morning sessions.  Their goal is to engage and encourage the creative processes involved in writing poetry, drawing inspiration from both the natural setting as well as the inner personal landscapes of dreams.  Author and editor Jess Daddio is on the agenda for the afternoon.  Daddio will provide insight into the world of travel guide writing, drawing on the natural beauty of Swallow Falls for inspiration. 

    Saturday, July 28, 2018 is the second day of workshop sessions, with workshops being held from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Friendsville and Grantsville. Presenters for the morning session are authors and historians, James Rada, Jr. and Dr. Neal Brooks.  The workshop will take place at the Friendsville Heritage Museum, where participants will be encouraged to explore a myriad of writing topics, and presenters will provide valuable insights on the historical research needed to create historical settings in both fiction and non-fiction.  Both presenters will also give an afternoon workshop at the Grantsville Community Museum.