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  • Economic & Workforce Development

  • Workforce Development Taskforce

    The Workforce Development Taskforce was created to analyze workforce shortage in Garrett County and discuss solutions to meet workforce needs such as affordable housing and public transportation. If you are interested in joining the Taskforce please fill out the committee sign up sheet here and email it to holly@garrettchamber.com.

  • Strategy Matrix

    The Strategy Matrix is a spreadsheet of initiatives undertaken by the Workforce Development Task Force and includes the status of the projects. You can preview the Matrix here.

  • Work Ethic Diploma Program

    The Chamber in partnership with Garrett County Public Schools has launched a Work Ethic Diploma Program to address the workforce challenges by creating a pipeline of prospective employees who possess those quality attributes desired by employers.

    The concept was brought to our attention by employers that felt students were not completing high school with the soft skills needed to be successful employees. With the input of area educators, business leaders, and post-secondary representatives, standards were developed to measure work ethic in students. By meeting established criteria, local students will earn a Work Ethic Diploma upon graduating which will guarantee them job interviews and better wages. To learn more about the program click here.

    So far the Work Ethic Diploma Program has been a huge success with the students. We have approximately 500 students in grades 9 - 12 signed up to participate in the program between our two local high schools.

  • Affordable Housing

  • Student Welcome Reception

    The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce’s Workforce Development Task Force partnered with Garrett College on September 10, 2018 to host a welcome reception for incoming out-of-county students who will be attending Garrett College this fall.

    The purpose of the Welcome Reception was to make the students feel comfortable in their new community and expose them to some wonderful features that Garrett County has to offer.

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  • Student Familiarization Tours

    As the second phase of welcoming the out-of-county students, the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce and Garrett College lead familiarization tours for the students.

    Three tours were conducted in different regions of the county. As part of each tour, the students visited a local business to briefly learn about the work the businesses do and the potential for job opportunities.

  • Garrett County Economic Development

    The Garrett County Department of Economic Development, a department of local government, is focused on a variety of fiscal, community, and infrastructure initiatives. The Department strives to create a diverse economy that: fuels innovation and prosperity; attracts and retains talent—regional and homegrown. 
    Services include:

    • Site selection support
    • Public/private financing assistance
    • Workforce training and recruitment
    • Networking resources and referrals
    • Marketing support
    • Demographic analysis
    • General business assistance
    Visit their website here. To reach Economic Development directly call 301-334-1921 or email economicdevelopment@garrettcounty.org.