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  • Diversity & Inclusion

    The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce supports diversity and the inclusivity of all residents, visitors and guests. We are dedicated to creating and sustaining an inclusive environment where people want to live, work and play. As a community that is dependent upon the approximately 1.4 million visitors per year, a large percentage of whom are racially and culturally diverse, it is imperative we make our guests feel welcome and safe. We condemn all forms and acts of hatred, prejudice and discrimination.

    We affirm the value of human diversity because it enriches our lives and organizations. We recognize that full potential is realized when diversity and inclusion is the standard to strengthen and impact our community.

    Inclusion requires community cooperation — including businesses, anchor institutions, government agencies, nonprofits, neighborhood organizations, and civic leadership— in taking proactive steps to identify and remove biases. As an organization, we are committed to using our platform and our voices to influence change through education, training, understanding, and open dialogue. We will work toward meaningful change to promote equality, unity, and inclusivity for the future through our actions and not just with our words.


    • Public notices/displays to be posted in locations (businesses, orgs, schools, government) throughout the County
    • Work with Integrity Development to plan training series
    • Create ongoing webinars/roundtables on how diversity & inclusion is good for the community, make the business case
    • Continue hosting welcome receptions for Garrett College students
    • Support the local NAACP chapter
    • Host annual community leadership forum/summit to identify issues & challenges
    • Create opportunities for minorities to get involved
    • Produce best practices for employers
    • Produce best practices for hosting diverse visitors
    • Partner with a diversity consultant to provide reduced cost consulting for members


    The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce is asking our members to share a commitment to create diverse and inclusive cultures within our own organizations and within our community by pledging to:

    1. Take Responsibility as Leaders
    2. Cultivate a Culture of Inclusivity
    3. Create a Welcome Community for Visitors & Guests
    4. Keep Transparent and Diverse Hiring Practices
    5. Be Caring and Compassionate Community Members
    6. Combat Unconscious Bias

    To demonstrate your commitment to our pledge and these guiding principles, please complete this brief form. Your business/organization will be added to the list below and signs will be provided to you for your business.