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  • Governor Hogan's COVID-19 Pandemic Executive Order Interpretive Guidance

    • COVID19-01 – Malls, Food Courts and Trucks, Clubs, Funerals, Barbers, etc.
    • COVID19-02 – Update to COVID19-01, Physical Therapists, Convenience Stores
    • COVID19-03 – Grocery, Pharmacy and Health Care Establishments in Malls
    • COVID19-04 – Businesses That May Remain Open 
    • COVID19-05 – Additional Businesses That May Remain Open, Guidance for Retail
    • COVID19-06 – Additional Businesses, Staff Access for Non-Essential Businesses
    • COVID19-07 – Stay At Home Order, Curbside Pickup, Campgrounds
    • COVID19-08 – Employer Documentation, Clergy, In-Home Child and Elder Care
    • NEW COVID19-09 - Guidance for Religious Facilities and Clergy

    Updated 4/7/2020


  • All Out-of-State Visitors to Garrett County Must Self-Quarantine

    April 8, 2020, Oakland, MD – The Garrett County Commissioners would like to remind anyone traveling to the County, despite Governor Hogan’s Stay at Home directive, must self-quarantine for 14 days.

    Over the past month, all of the local emergency service organizations have been working to collaborate and organize COVID-19 response efforts Garrett County.  The goal is to lessen the potential impact on the local rural healthcare infrastructure.

    Read the full press release HERE

    Posted 4/8/2020


  • Garrett Commissioners Defer Accommodations Tax

    April 8, 2020, Oakland, MD – Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Transient Vacation Rental Unit market, as well as the vacation rental market in general, the Board of County Commissioners for Garrett County has authorized an Accommodation Tax deferral.

    Read the full press release HERE

    Posted 4/8/2020


  • CARES Act & Business Assistance Webinar - April 7, 2020

    A special webinar on the recently enacted CARES Act and programs designed to provide special disaster assistance for businesses and organizations impacted by COVID-19. All businesses, sole-proprietors, self-employed, independent contractors and non-profits can benefit from the newly created programs. This webinar is a must for those entities that may need help surviving.


    Nick Vaugh, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, presenting a detailed overview of the CARES Act including information on the Paycheck Protection Program

    Debra Brown, SBA, presenting detailed information on the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program including the $10,000 grant portion of the program

    Secretary Kelly Schulz, Maryland Department of Commerce, presenting information on state disaster assistance programs including the Emergency Disaster Loan and Grant Funds and the COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Program.


    Updated 4/9/2020


  • GRMC Recommends the Use of Masks and Cloth Face Coverings to Fight COVID-19

    OAKLAND, MD- Garrett Regional Medical Center recommends the use of masks or cloth face coverings in public places including grocery stores, pharmacies, and other essential businesses as outlined in the latest CDC update. The use of a simple cloth face covering or mask can help slow the spread of infection by blocking respiratory droplets, preventing those who may not know they are infected from infecting others. Cloth face coverings can be fashioned out of fabric or other common household items including scarves, t-shirts, or bandanas as an additional protective health measure when out in public. 

    Read the full article HERE

    Posted 4/8/2020



    Your Chamber has reached out to Governor Hogan to request additional business assistance in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. We have sent a list of recommended actions that we believe the Governor needs to take that are necessary for business survival and are important to economic recovery. We need you to request these same actions by sending your own letter to the Governor. Please email your letter to Mark Widmyer, western Maryland liaison for the Governor, mark.widmyer1@maryland.gov and Mat Palmer, Office of the Governor, mat.palmer@maryland.gov, today and request that they forward your letter to the Governor. Click HERE for a copy of the Chamber’s letter.

    Posted 4/6/2020


  • Gov. Hogan Orders “Stay at Home”

    Gov. Larry Hogan on Monday issued a stay-at-home order for Marylanders to stop the spread of the coronavirus. That means no one should leave their home for any reason other than essential work, to get food or other fundamental reason. He said no one should travel outside of the state or ride public transportation unless it is “absolutely necessary.” The order takes effect at 8 p.m. March 30.

    The Governor said the state will enforce the directive. Any person who knowingly and willfully violates the order is guilty of a misdemeanor.

    Read the official Order HERE

    Posted 3/30/2020


  • Message from the Garrett County Health Officer

    As the Health Officer for Garrett County I have consulted with the Garrett County Commissioners, as well as other County and State resources, and have determined that it is imperative, and in the interest of public health and safety that all TVRUs be closed, and not further rented, effective March 27, 2020; tomorrow, at 5:00 p.m. This means all existing bookings be canceled. This decision does not apply to hotel and motel occupancy but does apply to all Transient Vacation Rental Unit properties until or unless the Governor's Orders are further modified or the Interpretive Guidance of the Office of Legal Counsel directs otherwise. This decision was made in consultation and with the support of the Board of Garrett County Commissioners.  

    See the attached Health Officer's Orders 20-03-26

    Please see the attached Order and supporting documentation.  

    Please understand that this order required a great deal of consideration. I realize that this order will have an impact on agencies and owners, however the public health and safety of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic is paramount.

    Robert Stephens, MS
    Health Officer
    Garrett County Health Department
    1025 Memorial Drive
    Oakland, MD 21550
    Phone:301-334-7700  Fax:301-334-7717

    Posted 3/26/2020


  • COVID-19 Update Webinar Presented by the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce - March 25, 2020

    The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce partnered with the Garrett County Health Department to host a special webinar on the novel coronavirus COVID-19. The situation is very fluid but your Chamber, the GC Health Dept. and other county agencies are closely monitoring the situation. The purpose of the seminar is to prevent panic, provide up-to-date information on COVID-19, discuss steps being taken, provide recommended tips and actions for businesses to take and to disseminate materials for businesses to use and share with their employees and customers.

    Garrett County Health Department Presentation
    Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Presentation

    Posted 3/25/2020


  • Garrett County Department of Solid Waste & Recycling Announces Collection Site Changes

    Garrett County Department of Solid Waste & Recycling announces that Effective Tuesday March 31, 2020 ALL collection sites will be closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    The Landfill will continue to operate on a normal schedule but the office at the Landfill will be closed. Residents can contact the landfill by:

    Email: dwbaker@garrettcounty.org

    US mail: 3118 Oakland Sang Run Road
     Oakland, Maryland 21550

    Phone: 301.387.0322*
    *Due to the current Covid-19 emergency - Please leave a message. Calls will be returned.

    Permits are available online at www.garrettcounty.org or through the mail.

    Thanks for your cooperation as we continue to fight against COVID-19.

    Posted 3/24/2020


  • Additional Businesses, Organizations, and Facilities That May Remain Open (per Governor Hogan's March 23 Executive Order

    Re: Order of the Governor of the State of Maryland, Number 20-03-23-01, dated March 23, 2020, Amending and Restating the Order of March 19, 2020, Prohibiting Large Gatherings and Events and Closing Senior Centers, and Additionally Closing All Non-Essential Businesses and Other Establishments

    You can read the official Interpretive Guidance HERE

    Edited 3/26/2020


  • Governor Larry Hogan - Executive Order, March 23, 2020

    Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan issued an order Monday, March 23, 2020 for nonessential businesses to close Monday evening to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Hogan issued an executive order closing all nonessential businesses, organizations and establishments in Maryland effective 5 p.m. Monday, which is in addition to businesses already closed by previous executive orders.

    You can read the official Executive Order HERE

    Edited 3/26/2020


  • Comptroller Franchot: SALES & USE TAX NOT DUE TODAY

    Businesses who paid March Sales & Use Tax early may request refund

    ANNAPOLIS, Md. (March 20, 2020) - UPDATED: Businesses who paid their Maryland Sales & Use Taxes for March early may request a refund of their payment by emailing taxpayerrelief@marylandtaxes.gov or by calling 410-260-4020.

    To assist businesses affected by the economic impact of COVID-19, Comptroller Peter Franchot wants to remind business owners that he has extended business-related tax filing deadlines. Sales and Use Tax payments that typically would be due today do not have to be paid until June 1.

    You can read the full press release HERE

    Edited 3/26/2020


  • Social Gatherings of 10 People or More Are Banned

    Vacation Rental Home Owners May Be Impacted by MD Governor’s Orders

    The Board of Commissioners for Garrett County encourage all vacation rentals be cancelled, whether through rental companies, Air BnB/VBRO or private individuals.

    Read the full press release HERE

    Edited 3/26/2020


  • Reschedule Your Visit to the Mountains says Garrett Commissioners

    March 21, 2020, Oakland, MD – As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to change on a minute-by-minute basis, the Garrett County Health Department and the Board of Garrett County Commissioners are urging citizens to stay home, be responsible and avoid crowds.

    Read the full press release HERE

    Edited 3/26/2020


  • Governor Hogan Provides Updates on Coronavirus Cases and Statewide Response

    Asks Spring Break Travelers to Self-Quarantine For 14 Days, Avoid People Over 60
    Urges People Who Go Outside to Avoid Crowds, Playgrounds, and Pavilions
    Convenes Calls With Federal Delegation, Full Cabinet

    Read the full press release HERE

    Edited 3/26/2020


  • Social Gathering Prohibition For Groups of 10 or More

    Per Governor Hogan’s Executive Order on March 19, 2020, in response to COVID-19, gatherings in the state of Maryland may not include more than 10 people. Please be informed that temporary rentals that accommodate a large gathering (10 or more) are included in this Executive Order. As such, reservations for rentals in Garrett County, Maryland that sleep 10 or more MUST be cancelled. If you have a reservation and must change it, please contact your rental home company.

    Please be aware that failure to comply with the Order may result in legal consequences, detailed in section XII of the Order, available for viewing HERE

    Posted 3/20/2020


  • Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance in Response to the Coronavirus 

    Governor Larry Hogan announced that Maryland has received official designation from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) for its Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program, which provides low-interest federal disaster loans for small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    According to the SBA, the loans will help alleviate financial strain and allow businesses to pay bills, payroll, and accounts payable, with long-term payments stretching up to 30 years. Small businesses and private non-profit organizations can apply directly to the SBA for financial assistance here. (https://www.sba.gov/disaster-assistance/coronavirus-covid-19). 

    Additional Document: 

    Fact Sheet - Economic Injury Disaster Loans

    Posted 3/20/2020


  • Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 and Maryland’s Unemployment Insurance Benefits Administration - Unemployment Insurance

    For answers check the Maryland Department of Labor's website. This information is updated frequently and you can click HERE to check for updates. 

    (This information is updated frequently. Check back for updates.)

    Edited 3/26/2020


  • Franchot Gives Maryland Taxpayers 3 Extra Months to Pay

    Maryland residents and businesses will have a three-month extension to pay their state taxes, Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot said.

    State tax payments for 2019 made by July 15 will occur no interest or penalty for lateness, he said in a statement his office released late Tuesday.

    The news follows Tuesday’s announcement at the White House that the April 15 deadline for federal income tax payments is being extended for 90 days, due to the coronavirus.

    “Right now, Maryland taxpayers and businesses must stay focused on their health and keeping their lights on, both in their homes and businesses,” Franchot said in the statement. “Extending the due date for Maryland state individual and business income tax payments helps us keep cash flowing in our economy and into employees’ bank accounts.”

    To read the full press release click HERE

    Posted 3/19/2020


  • Maryland Travel Updates: COVID-19

    Guidance for Travelers: The Maryland Office of Tourism wants every visitor experience in Maryland to be exceptional. Maryland Welcome Centers, bars, restaurants, theaters, gyms, casinos and racetracks have been closed temporarily and  travelers are encouraged to contact businesses (attractions, stores, hotels and event venues) before visiting as many are closed for now. The safety of our visitors is our highest priority.

    For travel alerts visit the Maryland Office of Tourism's dedicated Travel Update webpage HERE

    Posted 3/18/2020


  • Garrett Regional Medical Center Opens Testing Site

    OAKLAND, MD – Garrett Regional Medical Center (GRMC) has opened a COVID-19 testing clinic at its location on Pythian Avenue behind the hospital campus. The clinic was established in order to provide coronavirus testing for people throughout GRMC’s 8-county service area who may have been exposed to the virus or who are showing symptoms.

    You can read the full press release HERE
    Edited 3/26/2020



  • Maryland Department of Planning Statement on Census 2020 and COVID-19


    We take our duty to get the word out about Census 2020 very seriously. The responses from this year’s decennial Census will impact numerous critical services to the citizens of Maryland - including how many vaccines may be apportioned to each county, city or municipality of the state. These services also include healthcare, roads, infrastructure projects, emergency services, and other matters important to our everyday lives. This is in addition to the $16 billion in census derived funding that will be available to Maryland.
    The  health and safety of all Marylanders, including our staff, is of primary importance. The Department of Planning (Planning) is following the Governor’s mandates and doing all that we can to ensure that the Census counts residents in each corner of the state. This is more important now than ever. We are in the midst of a pandemic that is changing the way we approach common, daily routines – but we are also learning even more so the importance and impact of the Census.

    Census 2020 invitations are being sent to homes by the U.S. Census Bureau between Mar. 12 and 20 with instructions on how to participate. You may be thinking that responding to the Census means someone coming to your home. That’s not the case. In fact, the only reason for that to occur is if you don’t respond. It has never been easier to respond on your own, whether online, over the phone or by mail—all without having to meet a census taker. These are 21st century tools for a 21st century Census and you should take advantage of them as soon as you receive the invitation. You can even complete your Census now before the invitation arrives by simply clicking HERE.

    Instructions on the invitation will include the web address for the online questionnaire in English and 12 additional languages. Further, it also includes phone numbers for those who prefer to call in their responses. Residents can also respond via a paper questionnaire that can be mailed with a prepaid postage envelope. The deadline for responding on your own through these easy methods is July 31st. We urge you to complete the Census before that date. More information about the Census forms and deadline can be found at Census.gov.

    Planning’s Census website is a one-stop shop of information about the Census and is charged with getting the word out to all Marylanders. We do not conduct the count but are doing what we can to make sure citizens know about it and how easy and important it is to respond. Now more than ever, we are seeing firsthand how crucial the knowledge of counting citizens is. This year’s Census will inform the need for critical health care supplies such as vaccines.. We ask you to take 10 minutes to complete your form – it has a larger impact on the health and safety of our communities than you may have thought. Please help shape the future of Maryland at my2020census.gov.

    Posted 3/17/2020


  • UPMC Ready to Test for Coronavirus; First Collection Site Opens

    PITTSBURGH, March 14, 2020 – UPMC has developed a test for the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 — the virus that causes COVID-19 — and will use this test to diagnose select, symptomatic cases. The health system plans to rapidly increase capacity at its central laboratory and, if there is a need, could test hundreds of patients per week in the near future, filling a critical gap before other commercial tests come online.

    To read the full press release click HERE

    Posted 3/17/2020