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Deep Creek Lake Area

The county's most popular tourist attraction, Deep Creek Lake is a hub of activity. At 3,900 acres, Maryland's largest freshwater lake is part Mother Nature, part human ingenuity. The Youghiogheny's Hydro-Electric Corporation created the lake using the surrounding streams to generate electrical power. One-thousand men began construction on November 1, 1923, and two-and-a-half years later, in May 1925, the electric plant began operation. The lake is 75 feet at its deepest and has 65 miles of shoreline. Today, Deep Creek Lake is owned by the State of Maryland and is managed by the Department of Natural Resources, Maryland Park Service.

Boating Recreation
One of the most popular activities on the lake is boating and water sports. Click below to learn more about boating on Deep Creek including safety, permissible length for boats and Personal Watercraft usage:

Safe Boating Tips

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Where On The Lake Am I?


The northern tip of Deep Creek Lake is also known as McHenry Cove. This bustling area of the lake features many businesses including boat rentals, restaurants, bars and more - many located by boat! The northern area of the lake is also home to Garrett College and the Garrett County Fairgrounds. Wisp Resort is here too with tons of year-round activities including downhill skiing, tubing and snowmobiling as well as golfing, mountain biking and mountain coaster.

Heading south and west of the Deep Creek Lake Bridge this cove of the lake features the dam and is completely residential. Folks like this cove for fishing and relaxing.

Just south of the Deep Creek Lake bridge will put you on the main body of the lake, becoming more residential, but is also easily accessible to shopping, restaurants, marinas and grocery markets. You'll also find the Deep Creek Lake State Park, a perfect spot for families with a sandy beach, pavilions and even a Discovery Center with nature programs for the whole family.

Heading below the Glendale Bridge, you'll find quite coves, residential homes and perfect hidden fishing spots. In the southern end, you probably catch a glimpse of a sailboat or two. Kayakers will find themselves in the tips of coves, missing the wakes of power boats.

Vacationing & Living


Vacationers to Deep Creek Lake have many options when it comes to lodging. Local hotels and motels are located around the lake area. There are camping opportunities as well as rustic cabins at local parks. Bed and Breakfasts are perfect for a couple looking for a quiet and quaint getaway. The largest selection of accommodations are vacation rentals ranging from 2 bedroom homes and condos up to 10 bedroom estates. Enjoy amenities like private pools, hot tubs and much more.

Those who are looking for a second home or a long term retirement location, there are several realtors in the area who can help find the perfect match for your family or your investment.

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