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  • Students Who Have Earned A Work Ethic Diploma

    The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce and Garrett County Public Schools presented Work Ethic Diplomas to 32 Class of 2019 graduates from Northern and Southern High Schools.

    To qualify for a Work Ethic Diploma, students had to earn a minimum of points in the following criteria: Discipline Standard, Attendance Standard, Absence Standard, Work Experience, Community Service/Internship Project Standard, Overall Grade Point Average Standard, Team Work Standard. They also had to complete an exit interview.

    Students were also given the option to earn points by submitting to a voluntary drug test provided free of charge by the Garrett County Health Department. The students with asterisks by their name opted to participate and tested drug fee, which is indicated on their Work Ethic Diploma. Click here to read the full press release.

    The Class of 2019 recipients of the Work Ethic Diploma are:

    Noah Aiken
    Ava Ashby *
    Cheyenne Bagley
    Samuel Beeman
    Dakota Bittinger *
    Lindsay Brewer *
    Emma Broadwater *
    James Dean *
    Lauren Derato
    Dillon DeWitt *
    Miranda Dillsworth *
    Emily Frazee *
    Harley Frazee
    Laura Frederick *
    Zach Gilbert
    Kaitlynn House *
    Skyler Hornby *
    Tyler Johnson *
    Jamie Kight *
    Carsyn King *
    Jessica McClurg
    Zachary Miller
    Allison Morris *
    Madison Richard *
    Ana Rhoten *
    Kyliana Sisler *
    Megan Smith *
    Sarah Smith *
    Sierra Tichnell *
    Bailee Upole
    Bridget Weimer
    Devin West *