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  • MD InfoPortal: A Digital Catalog of State Assistance Programs

    Maryland InfoPortal (formerly called Redbook Online) is the best one stop for finding financial and non-financial assistance offered by Maryland state government agencies on the web.

    The Maryland Department of Planning, through the State Clearinghouse, hosts this digital catalog and coordinates the timeliness and accuracy of the information with a network of more than 80 sponsoring agencies.

    Maryland InfoPortal contains links to 700-plus state programs providing financial, non-financial and technical assistance, and direct development to local government, civic and private organizations, and individuals.
    What type of program information is available to search through the Maryland InfoPortal?

    --Financial Assistance & Direct Development
    --Non-Financial Assistance
    --Technical Assistance
    Follow this link for full details and search the InfoPortal for assistance programs and the agency sponsor.

  • Resources & Support for Students with Dreams of Entrepreneurship

    The quintessential American dream is to own your own business, and according to the latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, nearly 14% of working-age Americans are doing just that! The obvious questions from aspiring business owners are:
    1.    Am I cut out for entrepreneurship?

    2.    How do I get started? 

    No one launches a business without support, so our hope is that our collection of entrepreneurship guides and videos will offer a first point of encouragement for young adults contemplating the difficult, but rewarding path of business ownership. For them we offer the following:
    •    An MBA Student's Guide to Entrepreneurship

    •    The videos, How to Tell if You're an Entrepreneur & 5 Surprising Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

    •    Information on pursuing an MBA with an entrepreneurship concentration


  • During Disaster Preparedness Month, Ask Yourself: Are You Ready?

    Don’t be caught off guard by your insurance coverage the next time a severe storm hits. September is Disaster Preparedness Month and all Marylanders should read their insurance policies carefully to determine what their policies cover and do not cover.

    In addition to carefully reviewing your insurance policies, some other ways to prepare for disaster include:

    • Inventory your property. Whenever possible, take photos or videos to support any claim you may need to file later.

    • Determine if you property is insured to its full replacement cost.

    • Keep your policy information in a waterproof, fireproof safe or off-site, such as in a safe deposit box, or scan it and save it to a flash drive that you keep in an emergency kit.

    • Consider purchasing flood insurance. Visit www.FloodSmart.gov or call 1-888-379-9531 to learn more.

    The Maryland Insurance Administration is a state agency that offers guides and general information about insurance coverage at community outreach events and online. Your insurance agent or insurance company can help to explain specifically what is covered by your policy and what is not.

    For more information and videos on how to prepare for a disaster, visit the Maryland Insurance Administration’s website, www.insurance.maryland.gov. Look for the link to Insurance Preparedness for Natural Disasters under Hot Topics. Also, you can like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MDInsuranceAdmin or follow us on Twitter at @MD_Insurance.

  • Area Resource Links

    Free service offered to Maryland based businesses that are seeking Government contracts at the Federal, State and Local levels.

  • Energy Conservation & Sustainability

    Your Garrett County Chamber of Commerce supports energy conservation and green initiatives that foster sustainability. Below are resources to help your business implement conservation plans and potentially save you money.

    Now that you have implemented an energy conservation plan for your business, reduce your electricity bills further by joining your Chamber’s Electric Buying Pool provided by Premier Power Solutions.

    More than 80 Chamber member firms are already taking advantage of this exclusive member benefit.  You can become a part of one of the largest energy buying groups in the region by becoming a Premier Power customer too. Premier Power Solutions has provided electricity contracts for over 9 billion kWh’s of electricity consumption that have allowed their customers to save millions of dollars over the life of their contracts.  In many cases, the savings generated by this energy buying pool alone will be greater than your costs of membership in the Garrett County Chamber.

    Given the current state of the economy one of the first items to be hit by inflation is energy.  Electricity costs could see a big increase in as early as this month.  Through energy deregulation, this program gives you the opportunity to shop the best price for electricity for your company.

    Learn more about the electric buying pool and other member exclusive discount programs and start saving today.


  • Deep Creek Lake FAQ - MD Department of Natural Resources