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About our Heritage Area

Mountain Maryland Gateway to the WestMaryland’s Heritage Areas are locally designated and State certified regions where public and private partners make commitments to preserving historical, cultural and natural resources for sustainable economic development through heritage tourism. Garrett County’s unique heritage resources reflect Maryland’s pioneering spirit as western frontier lands were opened for settlement in the 18th and 19th centuries. As the county was settled, its abundance of natural resources provided for both industry and recreation. Even now in the 21st century, man and nature are still the driving force for the modern economy.

The Mountain Maryland Gateway to the West Heritage Area has four major themes: Transportation, including Braddock’s Trail and the National Road; Man and Drane House, Accident MDNature, highlighting the county’s unique natural resources; Historic Recreation as Garrett County’s natural beauty has inspired travelers from all walks of life to visit and locate to the area; and Cultural Uniqueness, recounting the lives of various cultural groups that settled and have remained in the area. These key heritage topics best describe the local history, culture, archaeology, natural resources and transportation systems which depict the story of Garrett County’s development as Maryland’s Gateway to the West.

The geographic boundaries of the Garrett County Heritage Area are delineated in areas containing high concentrations of significant heritage resources. These areas encompass the towns of:

  • Accident

  • Deer Park

  • Friendsville

  • Grantsville

  • Kitzmiller

  • Loch Lynn Heights

  • Mountain Lake Park

  • Oakland

The unincorporated communities of McHenry and Bloomington are also included. In addition, the numerous Scenic Byways and the county-wide trail system provide alternative connections to even more heritage sites within the county.

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Maryland Heritage Areas Authority                      

This project has been financed in part with state funds from the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority.